Can I sell a House during Probate?

Can I sell a House during Probate?


Inherit a house? Need to sell fast?

We WILL buy your house in probate.  Any house in any condition.  No repairs needed, don’t worry about evicting tenants…we will do all of the work. Even move the furniture if needed.  All you do is Collect your Cash! We are your way to sell a house during probate.

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  • What is Probate?

You may be wondering what “probate” actually means. According to The Florida Bar, “probate is a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person (decedent), paying the decedent’s debts, and distributing the decedent’s assets to his or her beneficiaries.”  This is whats required for assets to pass from the deceased to their beneficiaries.  Could be anything from insurance policies, bank accounts, investments or real estate.

A “personal representative” is normally appointed to “administer” the probate estate and will control what happens with the assets.

What Options Do I Have to Sell My Probate Home?

List with a Realtor

Even though this is the most used practice for selling a home, its not the most practical for a probate sale.  I will explain why.  If you go a traditional route it will take the realtor a couple of days to list the home, then about 30-60 days if they are good to get a qualified buyer interested.  Then the negotiation starts, if you and the buyer can come to an agreement, then the actual closing process is started.  From that point it usually 30-60 days for the mortgage to close and within a couple of days from that point you will have the cash in hand.

Minus the cost of repairs (usually between 5-20% of home value), closing costs (about 3%), realtor fees (about 6%) and the months of mortgage payments the bank will want to payback that were missed during this time your still only looking at a total of between 65-85% of the homes value after a 60-180 day process.

While this will work most people don’t have that amount of time it takes while trying to sell a house during probate.

Cash Buyer

Now while this is the hardest to find, it is by far the best way to liquidate a probate home fast.  A qualified cash buyer can step in and make a cash offer in hours. Not only will they stick to their cash offer but they will close in a matter of 7-14 days not months.

One of the best benefits of a cash buyer is they buy as-is. No repairs needed.  No evicting of tenants.  Nothing except accepting of the terms and moving on.  This is the best and quickest way to sell a house during probate.

Can Now Home Buyers Buy My Probate Home?

Absolutely!  We buy homes in probate fast for a fair cash offer.  Call Us at (954)980-0845 or Fill Out our form for a quick fair cash offer.  Sometimes even before probate is done.

So in short the answer is Yes, you can sell a house during probate.


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