We Buy Houses Cash

We Buy Houses Cash

We Buy Houses Cash


The easiest way to describe what we do here at Now Home Buyers is We Buy Houses Cash!  We are one of the few real cash buyers in the state of Florida.  Meaning we are not going to just try to put your house under contract to just resell it to someone else.  We have the cash to buy it and rent it out or to do a fix and flip.  For a quote on what we will offer you for your home call us at (954)980-0845 or fill out our form here.

Fast Closing

One of the main reasons we buy houses cash the process is much faster.  A lot of our homes comes from distressed sellers that for one reason or another do not have time for a traditional sales process or people who have tried and failed with the traditional sales process.  When closing a cash deal we can have everything done in a 7-10 day process most of the time.  Traditional house sales can take between 60-180 days on average, some times even longer.

Definite Close Date

When we buy houses cash, we can also give you an exact date on when your house will close and the cash will be in your hand.  This is very important if their are deadlines that have to be met.  No matter the reason causing the time constraint – recent divorce, probate sale, problem property or just need to move quick, we can give you an exact date on when your home will be closed and you can out this all behind you.

Fair Offer

We will also make sure what we buy your home for is fair and a top offer in the cash buyers market.  We take into consideration the age of the home, any work that needs to be done and closing costs then leave a small room for profit and then that is what we offer you for your home.

Get a No Obligation Cash Offer on Your Home by calling (954)980-0845 or fill out our form here