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By purchasing properties in cash, we eliminate the need for banks or real estate agents. This streamlined approach makes the entire process quicker and more straightforward. Once you accept our cash offer, we arrange the closing at a Title Company on a date that suits you, and we provide you with a check. It’s as simple as that!

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“These guys were great to work with. Didn’t feel pressured and gave us a reasonable offer. Even though we went a different route with selling our home, i would definitely recommend Now Home Buyers. Thanks again for your support and time and effort for helping us.“ – Jeh Wein

Show Me The Numbers!

When selling your house quickly, it’s important to collaborate with a trustworthy partner. We prioritize transparency in determining our cash offers, and here’s our process.

1) We Start With The After Repair Value

The After Repair Value or “ARV” simply means what your house would be worth if it was fixed up in tip top shape. Think HGTV. Based on this value, we determine your offer!

2) We Calculate The Cost of Repairs

This is how much it will cost us to fix and update your house to get that HGTV look and achieve the ARV mentioned above.

3) We Determine Our Selling Costs

Once we renovate the house, we list it on the market to sell. We have to pay agent fees, closing costs, taxes, holding costs etc. These are all the fees you do NOT have to pay, if you sell your house directly to us. Our Selling Costs usually total 10% all together of the selling price.

4) We Factor In Our Minimum Profit

We’re a business, and staying profitable is crucial for our survival. However, we want you to accept our offer, so we make sure it’s the best we can give. If our offers were unreasonably low, no one would accept them, and we wouldn’t make any money.

Cash Offer For Your House

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

So in plain English, the market value of the house (after we fix it up), minus ALL our costs fixing it up (including our profits), will be your cash offer. It’s that simple!

Cash Offer Example

After Repair Value = $250k

Cost Of Repairs = $50k

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $200k = $20k

Sample Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $30k

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $250k – $50k – $20k – $30k = $150k

Your Cash Offer = $150k

Our cash offer for your property is calculated based on careful analysis. Once you provide us with information about your house, we will assess it in person to determine any repair costs and present you with an offer. Our goal is to provide the best cash offer possible to ensure you accept and sell us your house!

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